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Project 9.1
Operations Task Force – Year 2

North/West Passage supported an Operations Task Force in Work Plan 8. The task force was scheduled to operate for one year. At the conclusion of the year, a survey was distributed to the task force and it was recommended to continue the task force for another year. This project supported periodic task force meetings to complete the work plan tasks identified by the task force members for the second year as a task force. The work plan is included below.

The task force also supported a Regional Operations Forum that was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from May 13-15, 2015. Developed by the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) and the Transportation Research Board (TRB), the forums provide practitioners with new and innovative approaches for managing and operating the highway system, drawing from the cutting edge work being carried out under the SHRP2 program and other national programs. A summary of the forum hosted by North/West Passage is included below.

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