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As the North/West Passage program moves forward, outreach efforts to both internal and external audiences is important. Following are several tools that may be used for such communication.


Member agency representatives have given North/West Passage TPF Study presentations at the following events:

NOCoE Regional Collaboration Peer ExchangeNov. 15, 2022Webinar
CTSO Annual MeetingSept. 6-9, 2022Scottsdale, AZ
AASHTO Maintenance CommitteeJun. 28, 2022Webinar
NCITE/National Rural ITSMay 24, 2022Webinar
2018 National Rural ITS Conference - Plow Camera and Location Sharing Practices (PDF, 821K)Oct. 23, 2018Fort McDowell, AZ
2018 National Rural ITS Conference - Major Event Management in the North/West Passage StatesOct. 22, 2018Fort McDowell, AZ
2018 National Rural ITS Conference - The Future of 511 Phone in the North/West Passage States (PDF, 767K)Oct. 22, 2018Fort McDowell, AZ
2016 National Rural ITS Conference - Winter Performance Management Practices in the North/West Passage StatesOct. 2, 2016Chattanooga, TN
Working Together to Enhance Coordination across State Borders (PDF, 624K)Aug. 11, 2015Snowbird, UT
2012 National Rural ITS Conference: Use of Mobile Sensors and Maintenance Decision Support for Automated Road Condition ReportingSep. 17, 2012Biloxi, MS
2011 National Rural ITS Conference: Cost/Benefit ITS Tool – Results of Testing To-DateAug. 31, 2011Coeur d'Alene, ID
2011 National Rural ITS Conference: Enhancing and Expanding Citizen Assisted ReportingAug. 30, 2011Coeur d'Alene, ID
2010 National Rural ITS Conference: NWP Regional Permitting (PDF, 1308K)Aug. 4, 2010Huntington, WV
2010 National Rural ITS Conference: NWP Corridor-Wide Traveler Information Website (PDF, 3758K)Aug. 2, 2010Huntington, WV
Nevada DOT: I-80 Corridor (PDF, 294K)Jan. 27, 2010Reno, NV
2009 National Rural ITS Conference: NWP Regional Permitting (PDF, 1240K)Aug. 25, 2009Seaside, OR
511 Deployment Coalition Working Group (PDF, 351K)Dec. 16, 2008Irvine, CA
15th ITS World Congress and ITS America's Annual Meeting (PDF, 302K)Nov. 20, 2008New York, NY
2008 ITS Heartland Annual Meeting (PDF, 621K)Apr. 7-9, 2008Springfield, MO
2006 National Rural ITS Conference: North/West Passage Multi-State Corridor Program (PDF, 2770K)Aug. 8, 2006Big Sky, MT
North/West Passage ITS Corridor Coalition and Regional Real-Time Data Sharing (PDF, 4867K)May 8, 2006Philadelphia, PA
North/West Passage 511 Interoperability (PDF, 2833K)May 8, 2006Philadelphia, PA
2005 National Rural ITS Conference (PDF, 2769K)Sept. 11-14, 2005Spokane, WA
Researcher Coordinator's Meeting (PDF, 5895K)May 19, 2005St. Paul, MN
I-10 National Freight Corridor Study Meeting (PDF, 4666K)Nov. 30, 2004Los Angeles, CA
2004 National Rural ITS Conference (PDF, 7713K)Aug. 22-25, 2004Duluth, MN
Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO) 2004 Annual Meeting (PDF, 2225K)Jul. 18-21, 2004Kalispell, MT
Transportation Management Center (TMC) Pooled Fund Study 2004 Annual Meeting (PDF, 366K)Jun. 8-10, 2004Minneapolis, MN
Dynamic Message Sign Workshop (PDF, 30K)Nov. 4-5, 2003Sioux Falls, SD
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North/West Passage