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Phase 1 Projects

Phase 1 of the North/West Passage TPF Study pursued the following projects that were identified through the development of a Work Plan approved on December 5, 2003 by the membership. Click on the Projects below to learn more about each project, or view the Phase 1 summary report. (PDF, 3743K)

  • Project 1.1 – Integrate ND, WI, and MN Reporting Systems
  • Project 1.2 – Deploy Limited CARS Study Application for WI
  • Project 1.3 – Develop Automated Road Condition Reporting System
  • Project 1.4 – Provide Integrated Communications Capabilities for ND DMS
  • Project 1.5 – Concept of Operations for DMS Deployment on I-94 EB in ND and WB in MN
  • Project 1.6 – Preliminary Design for DMS Deployment at the I-94 and I-90 Split at Tomah, WI
  • Project 1.7 – Develop a North/West Passage Program Website
  • Project 1.8 – Develop a Communication Plan for the De-Icing System to be Installed on the I-94 Bridges at Red River
  • Project 1.9 – Develop a Lessons Learned Document Comparing Reporting Systems in WI and ND
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North/West Passage