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Strategic Plan

North/West Passage completed an ITS Integrated Corridor Strategic Plan in July 2007. The plan outlined transportation issues within the corridor and established a vision with corresponding goals and objectives for the pooled fund. An ITS architecture and an inventory of ITS devices deployed along I-90 and I-94 were also included in the plan. The inventory was completed to help the states understand what had been deployed and to provide insight into the states' experiences with various technologies, technology preferences, and the potential for further deployment. The Strategic Plan also included a series of prospective projects through 2012 based on the inventory and corridor goals.

Many of the projects identified in the plan have been completed, along with several other projects related to the corridor goals and objectives. Additional ITS devices have also been deployed in the corridor. As the North/West Passage states considered future work plans for the pooled fund, in 2013 a project was approved (Project 7.1: Goal Assessment and Planning for ITS Corridor Deployment) to assess their progress. Projects that have been completed to-date were mapped against each of the Strategic Plan goals as an initial indicator of progress. That information was then shared with the member states and a series of interviews were conducted to gather each state's impressions of progress toward the stated vision and goals. Finally, an updated inventory of ITS deployments in the corridor was reviewed as an additional assessment of progress. In addition, specific updates were made to the issues, vision, goals and objectives (PDF, 560K) as well as project ideas (PDF, 483K) to consider for 2013-2018.

In 2018, the North/West Passage members began planning for the next 5 years as the project ideas identified for 2013-2018 were all complete. In 2019 updates to issues, vision, goals, and objectives were approved and again reviewed and approved in 2022.

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