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Project 8.3
Freight Task Force – Year 1

The freight community and DOT freight staff have been engaged in North/West Passage activities on a somewhat limited basis. As such, the steering committee had a somewhat limited understanding of commercial vehicle travelers' needs and operational challenges along I-90/I-94. Many of the North/West Passage member agencies have offices responsible for all freight movement - by rail, highway and waterway. The North/West Passage Freight Task Force was established for a year starting in March 2014 and focused on movement by highway and may be involved in freight planning or permitting activities. The task force provided a more in-depth expertise on the states' individual freight issues and activities and on the approaches that North/West Passage could pursue to better understand and address freight needs in future projects.

In addition, the Freight Task Force also completed an assessment of the feasibility of a corridor-wide CVO web portal. For more information, view Project 8.7 — Corridor-wide Commercial Vehicle Portal Feasibility Study.

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