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North/West Passage Operations and Travel Information Integration Sharing (OTIIS) Project
Multistate Corridor Operations and Management (MCOM) Program

In 2008, a North/West Passage corridor-wide traveler information website was designed and deployed that contained an aggregation of traveler information data from each state relieving the need to check each state's website (Project 3.4: North/West Passage Traveler Information Website). This first version provided users with camera images and weather conditions along the corridor. The website also identified rest areas and provided links to each state's commercial vehicle restriction information as well as truck stop information. Project 4.1 North/West Passage Traveler Information Website Phase 2 and Project 4.3 Center to Center Communications Concept of Operations continued the efforts of Project 3.4 by assimilating corridor event data from the eight member states and expand the existing traveler information website to include these data feeds. The website was developed and created as a beta site to the traveler information website.

In 2012, North/West Passage initiated the Operations and Travel Information Integration Sharing (OTIIS) project. FHWA selected OTIIS for federal funding through the MCOM Program. The purpose of the MCOM program was to promote regional cooperation, planning, and shared project implementation for research programs and projects that improve multimodal transportation system management and operations. OTIIS leveraged the previous North/West Passage traveler information website projects to enhance the website. Enhancements included road conditions corridor wide and the ability to plan a trip and understand any trip delays.

The OTIIS website provided users with the option to enter their starting and ending city along I-90 and I-94 for a selected date and time period. Based on the information entered a summary and duration of trip information (e.g., road work, weather alerts, road closures) was provided.

The initial traveler information website was operational from 2008 with an initial web address until the OTIIS website was launched. At that time the website address was transitioned to a new web address.

In 2016, Project 10.1 Operations and Traveler Information Integration Sharing (OTIIS) Website Operations and Maintenance, documented the ownership and structure of the OTIIS website to a level that would enable the North/West Passage members to support future decisions about funding operations and maintenance. The website was discontinued in 2018 due to the funds available to continue operation and maintenance of the website.

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