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Project 7.6
Multistate Coalition Coordination

Coordination with other coalitions has been an objective for North/West Passage since it was established as a transportation pooled fund in 2003. Coordination has tapered off in recent years, and this project presented an opportunity to reconnect with another coalition group focused on coordinating traveler information and operational activities across state and provincial borders.

Several of the North/West Passage states are involved in other multistate coalition groups beyond I-90/I-94. Some are formal transportation pooled funds and others are informal, operationally oriented coalitions. The topics discussed by North/West Passage are sometimes of relevance and interest to these other groups and vice versa. The purpose of this project was to facilitate coordination among the North/West Passage program and the Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition.

During the 2013 North/West Passage Steering Committee meeting held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin a joint discussion was held with the Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition (GLRTOC) and the Lake Michigan Interstate Gateway Alliance (LMIGA). Each coalition was provide the opportunity to share project highlights, key challenges and opportunities for coordination. There was a continued consensus in the value of sharing experiences among the groups and it was agreed that each coalition would receive periodic updates throughout the year from the other coalitions.

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