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Project 7.2
Corridor-Wide Traveler Information Coordination Operational Test – Phase 2

Several North/West Passage projects have developed guidelines for consistent traveler information reporting (e.g. Project 5.3: Consistent and Coordinated Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) Use Workshop, and Project 3.1 Corridor-Wide Consistent Major Event Descriptions). Phase 1 evaluated the use and effectiveness of these guidelines during actual major events that occur along the NWP Corridor. The project leveraged existing systems in place (DMS, 511 phone & web, corridor wide ATIS site).

The Great Lakes Regional Transportation Operations Coalition (GLRTOC) has developed an online map display of major roadwork events to assist in coordination across borders and throughout individual states. The map displays current and future roadwork.

Phase 2 built off of the results of the preliminary After Action Report/Improvement Plan completed events evaluated in Project 6.1 Corridor-Wide Traveler Information Coordination-Operational Test Phase 1. It also determined and tested the threshold of when coordination between states is needed and continued to evaluate the use of the North/West Passage traveler information coordination tools. Phase 2 also expanded the GLRTOC major road event online map to include the North/West Passage states major roadwork event information.

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