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Project 7.1
NWP Goal Assessment and Planning for ITS Corridor Deployment

The North/West Passage completed an ITS Integrated Corridor Strategic Plan in July 2007. The plan included the corridor's vision, goals and objectives. Also, included in the Strategic Plan are maps of ITS device locations throughout the I-90 and I-94 corridor (RWIS, DMS portable and permanent, CCTV, sensors, Weigh in Motion (WIM) Station, HAR, Rest Area Kiosks, Regional TOC/TMC, VSL Signs, and Automated Gate Closure). Project 5.3 completed in 2011 developed a Google map with updated location information for DMS, HAR, traveler information services and TMC/TOC contacts along the corridor.

This project will focus on validating corridor goals, assessing how previous projects have contributed to those goals, and identifying potential gaps in existing deployments in relation to the goals. As part of this project, research will be done on how each North/West Passage state plans and prioritizes ITS deployments along the corridor. States will also be asked if and how they reference the Strategic Plan in their overall planning efforts.

The potential gaps identified through this process may then lead to more detailed evaluation and preliminary engineering of specific deployments of DMS, HAR, RWIS, etc. This effort would also involve use of the Benefit/Cost Analysis tool developed for North/West Passage, as well as previous research into commercial vehicle operator preferences in the corridor.

Project Goals

  • Identify how North/West Passage projects meet the corridor's vision, goals and objectives and identify gaps
  • Summarize how each North/West Passage state plans and prioritizes ITS deployments along the I-90 and I-94 Corridor
  • Assess existing ITS deployments for potential gaps that could lead to future deployments

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