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Project 6.4
Cost/Benefit Tool Evaluation – Phase 2

There are a number of benefit/cost tools developed for different uses. The table below provides a description and link to other benefit/cost tools and resources including the North/West Passage benefit/cost tools.

Benefit/Cost Tools and ResourcesDescription
ITS Prioritization Spreadsheet (developed by WSDOT) (DOCX, 48K) This tool provides initial scoring for the value and importance of proposed ITS projects.
North/West Passage Benefit/Cost Tool Spreadsheet (XLSX, 176K)

The North/West Passage Benefit/Cost Spreadsheet Tool includes providing a quantitative analysis on the following ITS devices:

  • Dynamic Message Signs
  • Road/Weather Information Systems
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Traffic Detection

The tool includes all the standard costs and benefits (e.g. travel time savings, vehicle operating cost savings, safety benefits) but adds in DOT cost-savings as a benefit.

North/West Passage Benefit/Cost Tool Metadata (PDF, 366K) The North/West Passage Benefit/Cost Tool Metadata is a summary of the data used to calculate the benefit/cost savings in the North/West Passage Benefit/Cost Tool.
Tool for Operations Benefit/Cost TOPS-BC (TOPS-BC)

TOPS-BC is a spreadsheet-based tool that was developed to provide benefit/cost information related to Transportation System Management and Operations (TSM&O) by providing four key capabilities.

  • Provides the ability for users to investigate the expected range of impacts associated with previous deployments and analyses of many TSM&O strategies.
  • Provides a screening mechanism to help users identify appropriate tools and methodologies for conducting a B/C analysis based on their analysis needs.
  • Provides a framework and default cost data to estimate the lifecycle costs of various TSM&O strategies, including capital, replacement, and continuing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.
  • Provides a framework and suggested impact values for conducting simple B/C analysis for selected TSM&O strategies.
Evaluation Model for Freeway ITS Scoping (EMFITS) (PDF, 1558K)

EMFITS was developed for the New York State DOT to estimate benefits of ITS deployments on freeways. The uses of the tool include:

  • Congestion management
  • Ramp metering
  • Road Weather Information Systems
  • Service Patrol
Intelligent Transportation System Deployment Analysis System (IDAS) IDAS is a sketch-planning software analysis tool to estimate the benefits and costs of ITS investments. IDAS requires the output of a regional demand model to operate.
California Life-Cycle Benefit/Cost Analysis Model (CAL-BC) CAL-BC is an Excel spreadsheet-based tool developed by Caltrans. Originally designed to conduct benefit/cost analysis of traditional highway improvements, Cal-B/C has been subsequently enhanced to be used to analyze many types of highway construction and operational improvement projects, as well as some ITS and transit projects.
Screening for ITS (SCRITS) SCRITS is a spreadsheet analysis tool for estimating the user benefits of ITS. It is intended as a sketch-level or screening-level analysis tool to allow practitioners to obtain an initial indication of the possible benefits of various ITS applications. It is not intended for detailed analysis.
USDOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration – ITS Benefits Database This site provides access to the benefits of ITS deployments to assist transportation professions in making information planning and investment decisions.
Intelligent Transportation Systems Benefits, Costs, Deployment, and Lessons Learned: 2011 Update (PDF, 6214K) This report is a continuation of a series of reports providing a snapshot of the information collected by the USDOT ITS Joint Program Office on the impact that ITS projects have on the operation of the surface transportation network.
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