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Project 6.7
Corridor-Wide Marketing and Outreach to CVOs

In November 2008 the North/West Passage states pooled their resources and launched a corridor-wide website; providing traveler information at one easy location. The purpose of the website is to help travelers gather information about Interstates 90 and 94 between the states of Wisconsin and Washington. The multi-state website features:

  • Live camera images at key points along the corridor
  • Weather information
  • Rest area locations and features
  • Truck stop information
  • Commercial vehicle restrictions
  • Links to detailed road reports in each state

Additional enhancements for commercial vehicle operators are planned for the website depending on available budget and the level of demand and feedback received from both recreational travelers and from commercial vehicle operators.

To determine what enhancements may be needed to the website the North/West Passage Steering Committee approved this project (North/West Project 6.7: Corridor-Wide Marketing and Outreach to Commercial Vehicle Operators) to seek input from the trucking associations, companies and department of transportation staff along the corridor.

In addition to identifying enhancements to the website, the North/West Passage states were also interested in identifying what other communication channels exist in the commercial vehicle community.

This final report for this project includes the following:

  • Description of the Project Goals
  • Summary of Preliminary Related Information
  • Trucking Association/Company Outreach Results
  • Commercial Vehicle, Freight, North/West Passage DOT Staff Outreach results
  • Communication and Outreach Plan

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