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Project 6.4
Cost/Benefit Tool Evaluation – Phase 2

North/West Passage Project 6.4 built off the efforts of Phase 1 which developed a custom benefit/cost tool with emphasis on transparency, ease-of-use and the rural applications most commonly used among the North/West Passage states. Phase 2 focused on continuing to add metadata to the tool (e.g. RWIS tied to anti-cicing in Idaho reduced crashes by 83%) and continuing to enhance the tool.

Following are the benefit/cost tools and resources developed for the North/West Passage. Email to let us know how you used these tools and what is missing from the tools. Also, please let us know if you have additional data to add to the metadata included in the spreadsheets.

Tool 1: ITS Prioritization Spreadsheet (developed by WSDOT)
Use the ITS Prioritization Spreadsheet (DOCX, 48K) to prioritize multiple ITS technologies and projects. This tool provides initial scoring for the value and importance of proposed ITS projects.

Tool 2: North/West Passage Benefit/Cost Tool Spreadsheet
Use the North/West Passage Benefit/Cost Tool Spreadsheet (XLSX, 176K) when one or more ITS devices (DMS, RWIS, CCTV, Traffic Detection) are being considered and a benefit/cost calculation is needed for the deployment. Note: The number of ITS devices and the uses of the ITS devices is limited to those for which valid sources of benefits were documented. However, this tool can be used for any ITS device if an estimate number of crashes reduced is known.

Tool 3: North/West Passage Benefit/Cost Tool Metadata
Use the North/West Passage Benefit/Cost Tool Metadata (PDF, 366K) to view a tabular summary of the impacts of ITS devices related to the configuration of devices. This table contains the threshold values used in the North/West Passage Benefit/Cost Tool.


Related ITS Benefit/Cost Tools

There are a number of ITS benefit/cost tools developed for different uses. View the other benefit/cost tools and resources including the North/West Passage tools.

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