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Project 5.2
Cost/Benefit ITS Tool Evaluation – Phase 1

The initial goal of this project was to evaluate the New York State DOT Evaluation Model for Freeway ITS Scoping (EMFITS) and determine if the tool could be expanded to permit evaluation of ITS rural projects. Based on that evaluation, a custom tool was developed with emphasis on transparency, ease-of-use and the rural applications most commonly used among the North/West Passage states. The final report for Project 5.2 presents the results of the EMFITS evaluation, the approach used and an overview of the tool developed for North/West Passage, and recommendations for further enhancement of the tool.

The spreadsheet tool was updated in second phase of the project. Phase 2 focused on continuing to add metadata to the tool (e.g. RWIS tied to anti-icicing in Idaho reduced crashes by 83%) and continuing to enhance the tool.

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