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Project 4.5
Traveler Information Dissemination to Commercial Vehicle Operators

The original goal of North/West Passage Project 4.5 was to provide the information necessary for states to consider expanding short term truck parking availability in the locations where it is needed most along the I-90 and I-94 corridor from Washington to Wisconsin. In November, 2008, the North/West Passage group decided to temporarily defer action on this goal as there were a number of other projects ongoing (by other groups) related to truck parking issues and challenges. The group did not want to duplicate any efforts and decided to wait and determine the exact needs of this project at a later date.

In 2009, the group agreed to broaden the focus of the project and place less emphasis on truck parking availability. The goal of the project was modified as follows:

To work with North/West Passage member agencies to research and document experiences, challenges, and successes disseminating travel information to truckers, and to prepare guidelines for commercial vehicle travel information for the North/West Passage Corridor that could be used by individual member states.

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