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Project 1.9
Develop a Lessons Learned Document Comparing Reporting Systems in WI and ND

This project was completed September 29, 2005.

The initial purpose of this project was to develop a lessons learned document based on deployment experiences of statewide condition reporting systems in North Dakota and one in Wisconsin. The North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT) was exploring the possible deployment of Meridian's statewide condition reporting system (later named IRIS for Incident Reporting Information System) to further expand current traveler information capabilities and support of North Dakota's 511 system. Similarly, the Wisconsin DOT (WisDOT) was in the initial planning stage of its 511 system with a vision that includes partnering with the Wisconsin State Patrol for operating the underlying statewide condition reporting system which would support 511. Therefore, WisDOT wanted to demonstrate data entry requirements to the Wisconsin State Patrol for any condition reporting system, using the CARS as an example. The Advanced Traffic Analysis Center (ATAC) at North Dakota State University was to follow the deployment of the two systems and develop a lessons learned document accordingly. In addition to the two case studies, ATAC planned to develop brief information on other existing statewide condition reporting systems, including their institutional arrangements, general data requirements, resources, etc.

After the start of the project, the NDDOT decided not to proceed with plans to deploy Meridian's statewide condition reporting system in North Dakota. This development greatly reduced ATAC's ability to study North Dakota's deployment as a case study. ATAC staff did, however, participate with demonstrations held for the NDDOT on the Meridian system.

In Wisconsin, plans for a limited CARS deployment were proceeding well. However, CARS itself was undergoing a major update in order to meet new NTCIP protocols. Therefore, the new version of CARS differs from the old version, especially in terms of compatibility with other systems. Nonetheless, some initial data were collected on Wisconsin's experience with CARS limited deployment.

After consulting with the project advisory panel, the following revised scope was developed for this project:

  1. Provide a description of new federal requirements for (real-time) statewide information systems
  2. Provide general descriptions of CARS, IRIS, and Arizona's HCRS
  3. Document Wisconsin's CARS limited deployment
  4. Review of South Dakota Department of Transportation's (SDDOT) limited Meridian condition reporting system deployment and study on improved road condition reporting
  5. Provide a current listing of state traveler information sources and contact information

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