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Project 1.6
Preliminary Design for DMS Deployment at the I-94 and I-90 Split at Tomah, WI

This project was completed on March 17, 2005.

The purpose of the North/West Passage Project 1.6 – Preliminary Design for Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) Deployment at the I-94 and I-90 Split in Tomah, Wisconsin was to supply westbound travelers with en-route road weather condition information to Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota in order to make early and safer travel decisions. Currently, travelers receive only limited information via weather broadcasts.

The initial focus of Project 1.6 was to focus on developing a preliminary design for deploying a DMS on I-90 and I-94 southeast of Tomah, Wisconsin including communication links to stakeholders responsible for system operation, in order for road weather condition information on I-94 and I-90 to be communicated early to travelers on these routes.

After considerable discussion at the Project 1.6 Work Team Kick-Off Meeting in March 2004, it was agreed that the first step to achieving the goal of deploying a DMS was developing a Concept of Transportation Operations for the project. Concurrent with the development of Project 1.6, Wisconsin was developing a Traffic Operations Plan (TOP). There was a need to coordinate efforts between these projects due to their close relationship.

Therefore, the focus of Project 1.6 shifted to developing a Concept of Transportation Operations document. The group proceeded with the development of this document, focusing on providing traveler information at the Tomah split not specifically a DMS. However as the project progressed in December 2004 it was determined that the deliverable for this project would be a working document for Wisconsin to use as work continues on projects such as the TOP.

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