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Project 17.7
Current Practices in Expanding DOT Traveler Information Coverage

State DOTs typically operate and provide traveler information for state maintained and operated roads. A challenge of this is that the online maps (e.g., Google Maps) used to display conditions to travelers may include local roads, and travelers may interpret the lack of an event icon on a local road as clear conditions.

Additionally, most trips start and end on local roads, therefore travelers would benefit if state DOT operated traveler information systems expanded to include additional roads beyond just state operated roads (e.g., to cover local county and city roads and roads in national parks and tribal lands).

This project will research approaches used in other states to report on conditions beyond state DOT maintained roads, capturing any best practices and/or lessons learned to provide insight to help North/West Passage members consider implementing these in their states.

Site Updated: Nov. 4, 2022
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