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Project 17.6
Activity to Support the Work Zone Data Initiative – Phase 2

The WZDx offers a standard data exchange format for communicating work zone information and is increasing in popularity and use. There are various mandatory and optional fields in the WZDx. One approach state DOTs can use is to convert their current work zone data reports to the WZDx format, recognizing that several data fields may not be populated. However, on expected benefit of the WZDx is use by CAVs, and benefits will increase as additional data fields are populated. For example, "worker presence" is a field in the WZDx that could be very beneficial to in-vehicle applications that may warn drivers when workers are present. Identifying the actual lanes that are closed is another data element of the WZDx that would benefit drivers.

The intent of this project is for North/West Passage members to better understand the gaps between their current work zone data reports and the data elements of the WZDx and to allow collaboration among members to discuss and ideally reach consensus about which fields are most beneficial to populate.

North/West Passage completed a project (Project 13.4 NWP Traveler Information Work Zone Alerts Feasibility Study) in November 2019 to track current national work zone data management efforts, including pilot activities and funding opportunities, and to document current practices in North/West Passage states. This report summarized the information gathered and shared by North/West Passage members on project webinars.

Washington State DOT submitted a response to the WZDx grant demonstration that tied in benefits to North/West Passage and was successful in receiving the grant (this is a Work Plan 15 project (Project 15.8) that includes some funding from North/West Passage to be used towards the match from this project. Minnesota DOT was also successful in receiving a grant.

In addition, the Minnesota DOT completed a gap analysis as part of another project between Minnesota DOT work zone reports and the WZDx.

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