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Project 17.5
Situational Data Exchange – Phase 3

North/West Passage has completed two Situational Data Exchange (SDX) phases.

  • Phase 1 provided an understanding of the potential use and expansion of Wyoming DOT's SDX to other North/West Passage agencies while also understanding the ongoing cost implications (both for operations of the exchange and connections to the SDX).
  • Phase 2 expanded the SDX to other North/West Passage states based on the results from Phase 1.

In the Spring of 2022, the North/West passage coalition authorized a phase 3 of the SDX work. The goal for phase 3 was to help with building out features and functionality of the SDX that would benefit all DOTs. This included tasks associated with aggregating and housing Work Zone Data Exchange (WZDx) messages from all states that were publishing WZDx feeds. The detailed tasks for Phase 3 of the North/West Situation Data Exchange project are detailed below.

  • Task 1: WZDx Website Watcher Application. This application monitors the USDOT published WZDx feed using the Feed Registry located at to determine all available feeds and automatically and incorporate them into the SDX system. This step is necessary for appropriate ingestion and separating later ingested messages into appropriate Organizations.
    1. Create new Azure Functions application
    2. Update structure in database to handle new feeds
    3. Compare known feeds (from database) to data scraped from WZDx publish endpoint
    4. Automatically adjust known feeds
  • Task 2: WZDx Ingest Application. This application runs on a schedule, iterates over our known feeds and ingests accordingly.
    1. Create new Azure Functions application
    2. Schedule Function for appropriate timing (10 minutes)
    3. Pull all feeds from known endpoints in database
    4. Compare to WZDx messages in SDX
    5. Update messages as required
    6. Calculate geospatial referencing (for efficient querying) and update database

Completed Work

In January of 2023, Trihydro demonstrated the full functionality of the SDX updates to North/West Passage. This included the tasks list above but also included additional functionality that allowed users to sign up for notification of any issues with WZDx feeds that they owned as well as a map for the SDX that allowed users to view the Traveler Information Message's (TIMs) spatially with weather overlays that allow users to see how road conditions are being impacted by weather patterns.

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