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Project 14.4
DOT Traveler Information Website Crowd Sourcing Practices

Some state DOT traveler information websites allow citizens to validate reports (e.g. Idaho Transportation Department, Minnesota DOT). However, in certain circumstances this can be misleading or incorrect. For example, a DOT reports that a section of road is snow covered. A citizen views a DOT camera view close to the location and observes that the road is dry. However, just over the hill not in the camera view it may be wintery conditions. In this situation, if the citizen indicates the report isn't valid it provides others with incorrect information. Third Party traveler information data providers also provide crowd sourcing to validate reports (e.g. Waze) and some DOTs ingest data from crowd sourcing companies as an additional source of information. The purpose of this project is to understand traveler information crowd sourcing on DOT traveler information websites.

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North/West Passage