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Project 12.8
TSMO Practices Peer Exchange

Many agencies are still trying to understand what TSMO will mean within the context of their daily and long-term operations. Many resources are available to support agencies in this effort including the AASHTO TSMO Guidance which can be used to evaluate agency capabilities in key areas of process and institutional arrangements and to prepare a formal action plan. Some agencies are starting to develop customized plans to identify their desired TSMO framework and the specific actions necessary to implement TSMO practices. South Dakota DOT, for example, has completed their TSMO plan.

This project will facilitate a peer exchange webinar to gather information about NWP states' transportation system management and operations (TSMO) organizational practices and where they are at in their process of establishing TSMO practices. In addition, information about NWP states' TSMO practices that has been presented in previous forums such as the 2017 TRB session, NOCoE webinar, and AASHTO STSMO 2017 Annual Meeting will be summarized.

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