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Project 12.4
Evaluation of Rural 511 Phone Service

Since traveler information dissemination has experienced significant changes in the past decade as the access to information for travelers planning trips or while enroute has increased, the North/West Passage members were interested in the state of practice and trends in 511 phone service. The advent of new technologies, such as smart phones, mobile applications, and widespread access to the Internet, has reduced travelers' reliance on phone calls as a resource for traveler information.

This project examined the North/West Passage state of practice and trends in 511 phone service to determine its potential future role in effectively satisfying travelers' needs for information by documenting:

  • Types of information available through North/West Passage state 511 phone services.
  • Trends in use and costs for North/West Passage state 511 phone services.
  • Changes made to North/West Passage state 511 phone services to better serve travelers.
  • Discussion of the role of 511 phone service as a component of states' traveler information strategies.
  • Alternate approaches to delivering 511 phone service.

The final report is based on interviews, discussions and data provided by the North/West Passage states. In addition, the following states outside the NWP were interviewed, or studied, to understand why they moved away from delivering traditional 511 phone services: Kentucky, Missouri, and North Carolina.

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