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Project 8.2
Concept for Rural TMC/TOC Operations

The I-90/I-94 corridor between Washington and Wisconsin is predominantly rural with some large urban centers in Washington, Minnesota and Wisconsin. There is also a range of transportation management approaches used throughout the corridor. Those states with large urban centers have developed extensive TMC facilities to manage congestion and mobility. Some of the states have statewide-oriented TOC facilities to manage activities that tend to be oriented toward a mix of mobility and safety. Still other states have no formal TMC/TOC facilities and manage statewide operational functions from a coordinated point. With this range of management approaches, there are inherent challenges for coordinating traveler information and operations activities along the I-90/I-94 corridor.

There is a significant amount of guidance on and models for urban TMC/TOC operations but very little for rural facilities. This project defined the unique needs for rural TMC/TOC operations and identified existing guidance and models that could support the enhancement of TMC/TOC operations among the North/West Passage states.

Rural TMC/TOC Operations Peer Exchange

A peer exchange for this project was held in Cheyenne, WY on March 11, 2014. Representatives from Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota received information about the rural TMC/TOC operational concepts in Wyoming, Idaho, and Minnesota. The following materials were exchanged before and during the meeting to support the peer exchange.

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