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Project 6.6
CVO - Regional Permitting – Phase 3

The North/West Passage Permitting Project has gone through three phases.

  • Phase 1 looked at the desirability of establishing some regional permitting process that would allow truckers moving overweight or oversized loads across the regional to apply and receive permits from one source. The conclusion of Phase 1 was that too much opposition existed from states along the corridor to make such a regional process work. However, conversations with the industry people suggested that harmonization of the rules governing permits might offer greater benefit.
  • Phase 2 looked at harmonization, communications, and systems. The result was a set of draft standards for lighting, signing, hours of operation, and information required; suggestions on how to make web communication more uniform and useful; and a conceptual view of what an XML regional system might entail.
  • Phase 3 continued the conversation among the states on issues like harmonization; attempted to establish a regional dialogue with the trucking industry; looked at weight rules and reasons for lack of harmony; and got some more senior managers involved in the processes. The final report from Phase 3 is included below.

It is important to note that the North/West Passage Steering Committee approved in their annual work plan (Work Plan 8) the creation of a Freight Task Force to continue freight related activities and projects. The recommendations from Phase 3 will be reviewed by the Freight Task Force for consideration.

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