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Project 4.4
NWP Regional Permitting – Phase 1

The states of the North/West Passage Corridor, recognizing the importance of the efficient movement of freight-hauling trucks along the corridor, conducted a review of the available methods for a regional permitting process for oversize and overweight (OSOW) trucks.

The project team employed a multi-pronged methodology for evaluating the potential for a regional OSOW permitting process. They conducted a thorough literature review and analyzed the websites of the Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO), the Southeastern Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (SASHTO), and the New England Transportation Consortium (NETC) to understand the workings of each compact and how they issue OSOW permits.

In addition to this review and analysis, researchers identified a set of questions that they used during interviews and to construct an online survey. These questions focused on the details of the permitting process from an agency prospective, and focused on the legal, administrative, and technical aspects of participation in a regional permitting compact. The project team surveyed 14 states in WASHTO, SASHTO, and NETC. They also surveyed the State of Missouri, which provided the perspective of an agency not currently participating in a permitting compact. All of the eight states in the North/ West Passage Corridor Coalition where interviewed in order to better understand their permitting processes and their concerns about change.

The project team also contacted truckers or trucking associations in all of the states participating in this study. Truckers were asked questions designed to elicit a better understanding of their views of the permitting process, including what works well and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Based on the information gathered, the project team identified and recommended feasible approaches to implementing a regional OSOW permitting process in the states of the North/West Passage Corridor Coalition which is summarized in the Final Report included below. The outcome of this project provided additional information to allow North/West Passage states to continue to consider the options for regional permitting.

North/West Passage completed a second phase to this project which focused on looked at harmonization, communications and systems. The result was a set of draft standards for lighting, signing, hours of operation, and information required; suggestions on how to make web communication more uniform and useful; and a conceptual view of that an XML regional system might entail. A third phase continued the conversation among the states on issues such as harmonization; attempted to establish a regional dialog with the trucking industry; looked at weight rules and reasons for lack of harmony; and involved senior managers in the processes.

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