North/West Passage
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Project 1.4
Provide Integrated Communications Capabilities for ND DMS

This project has been completed and was a success because the North/West Passage Corridor stimulated the project. North Dakota received grant money to upgrade their signs to National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol (NTCIP) compliance. North/West Passage funds were not used.

Project Champion - Ed Ryen, North Dakota DOT

This objective of Project 1.4 was to allow district border offices to communicate and remotely operate Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) by integrating central control software including Amber Alert capabilities.

North Dakota had a number of trailer mounted DMS, some of which are semi-permanently stationed during the winter months, but communication, and message status reporting was difficult.

Project 1.4 focused on procuring and testing a NTCIP compatible communication system for one or more, North Dakota DMS that provides for integrated communications and control of DMS for messages, maintenance operations, emergencies, and law enforcement. Such a system was demonstrated at the 2003 ITS America conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The use of central control software was investigated.

North Dakota operations staff are now able to coordinate use of the DMS and messages displayed for the traveler.

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North/West Passage