North/West Passage
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Project 18.7
Truck Travel Times and Need for Hours-of-Service Truck Parking Assessment

Long-haul truck drivers rely on overnight truck parking facilities to take their mandated rest breaks in compliance with federal hours-of-service (HOS) regulations. This includes the requirement that drivers may drive a maximum of 11 hours within 14 consecutive hours, after which drivers must take 10 consecutive hours off duty. With these requirements, truck parking facilities support drivers originating from and destined for out-of-state freight establishments.

Despite the importance of truck parking to safe and efficient regional and national supply chains, there is a shortage of truck parking spaces nationwide. When drivers are unable to find safe and adequate parking, they may exceed their HOS limits or park in undesignated and unsafe locations to take their mandated breaks.

The purpose of this project is to understand real-world truck travel times moving in the North/West Passage, and based on the origins, destinations, and durations of trips, assess the need for truck parking along the region's key corridors to meet federal hours-of-service requirements.

Site Updated: Aug. 3, 2023
North/West Passage