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Project 18.6
Situational Data Exchange Phase 4 – Business Models

Phase 1 provided an understanding of the potential use and expansion of Wyoming DOT's Situational Data Exchange (SDX) to other North/West Passage agencies while also understanding the ongoing cost implications (both for operations of the exchange and connections to the SDX).

Phase 2 performed a gap analysis of the different connected and automated vehicle (CAV) messages and the ability for members to generate CAV messages with current systems. Phase 2 also developed a summary of the SDX message distribution approaches and researched the potential for a cloud based SCMS system.

Phase 3 is developed a work zone data exchange (WZDx) website watcher application and WZDx ingest application.

The purpose Phase 4 would be to help members better understand the anticipated costs of utilizing the SDX as well as the benefits (e.g., number of subscribers (current and forecasted), advantages over existing Internet feeds) and if all the costs are to be borne by the state DOTs.

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North/West Passage