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Project 18.5
Uniform Allowable Weights for Divisible Loads During Declared Emergencies

In the case of disruptions or disasters, it is critical to move emergency supplies in a quick and coordinated fashion. In response to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, FHWA provided states with the authority to adjust truck weight permitting, although Congress has not yet provided this authority to states on the Interstate system during national emergencies or major disasters. Recently, the Mid-America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASTO) announced the Emergency Divisible Load (EDL) strategy, agreeing to increase legal emergency interstate truck weights after the declaration of a major disaster.

A recent Freight Task Force Assessment on Oversize/Overweight Movement documented OS/OW requirements, needs, and opportunities to streamline movements. The assessment identified the opportunity for NWP states to develop a regional emergency plan or agreement for special OS/OW allowances in preparation for emergency incidents, in order to improve regional OS/OW communication and planning. This project evaluates the potential and helps identify an approach for a regional strategy for uniform allowable weights for divisible loads during declared emergencies.

The purpose of this project is to establish common weight limits among NWP states for divisible loads hauling relief supplies during declared emergencies.

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