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Project 18.3
Providing Recommended Routes to Mapping and Navigation Companies When There is a Closure on the Primary Route

North/West Passage Project 17.4 Communicating Route Restrictions to Third Party Mapping/Navigation Providers documented challenges and engaged with mapping and navigation providers to explore solutions to avoid or minimize situations where navigation systems advise drivers to divert onto inappropriate routes (e.g., road geometry does not support vehicle size, diversion route is not cleared of snow) during closures or delays on a primary route.

WYDOT has been working with Google to develop a process and agreement to feed WYDOT mapping data into Google Maps. This process will communicate local road closures and share preferred county road diversion routes during closures on primary routes.

The purpose of this project is to develop an approach for other North/West Passage states to provide preferred routes to mapping and navigation companies when there is a closure on a primary route to improve route guidance to motorists.

Site Updated: Aug. 3, 2023
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