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Project 18.2
Freight Task Force – Year 8

North/West Passage has supported a Freight Task Force for seven years, where the task force intends to enhance North/West Passage activities and build a freight community. Key activities have included:

  • Conducted informational web meetings on topics of interest to the NWP members.
  • Conducted best practice (and practical) research on project funding opportunities.
  • Identified truck parking opportunities to best fit NWP needs.
  • Conducted exploratory research on the truck platooning concept, regulations, and supported the engagement of stakeholders to advance a multi-state truck platooning demonstration.
  • Conducted an assessment of virtual weigh stations and applications for the NWP.
  • Conducted topic-specific assessments to document existing conditions, assess needs and issues, and identify opportunities for the NWP. Topics of focus have included CMV traveler information, e-screening, and oversize/overweight movement.

This project will continue to support meeting and providing informational webinar as a task force for Year 8. This includes maintain the task force membership, conducting information web meetings, and engaging the task force through surveys and/or meetings periodically throughout the year.

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