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Project 17.4
Communicating Route Restrictions to Third Party Mapping/Navigation Providers

During times when a stretch of highway is closed or when travel delays are excessive, travelers using third party mapping or navigation systems are sometimes advised to divert to routes that are not safe or appropriate for their travel. For example, during a winter storm the diversion routes may not be cleared of snow, the geometry of a local road may not support the size of the vehicle, or other unsafe conditions may exist. These situations have at times resulted in the need for emergency responders to attempt to rescue stranded motorists or for public agencies to manage related disruptions. This challenge could become more widespread as connected and automated vehicles use road closure and delay information to automatically reroute vehicles or advise drivers.

This project documented challenges experienced by North/West Passage members that occur when travelers follow routing advice and divert trips to unsafe routes. The project also engaged with third party mapping and navigation providers to explore potential solutions to avoid or minimize situations where navigation systems advise drivers to divert onto inappropriate routes during highway closures or delays.

Project Deliverables

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