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Project 17.3
Benefits of Traveler Information Provided by DOTs

There are many reasons why quantifying or documenting the benefits of state DOT operated traveler information systems is beneficial. These include:

  • Determining future funding needs for agency operated traveler information systems;
  • Deciding which features and functions of the traveler information system are most used and beneficial to support allocation of future funds;
  • Determining if any legacy functions or features should be revisited and possibly removed;
  • Understanding the impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles on traveler information services; and
  • Responding to inquiries about the need for public traveler information systems when there are third-party traveler information systems available to the traveling public.

However, quantifying and documenting the value of state DOT operated traveler information systems can be challenging. Early assessments of traveler information systems examined the number of 511 phone calls or number of web page visits. While these are still valuable, there are additional options that may offer better insights into the value and benefits of state DOT operated traveler information systems. Traditional benefit / cost comparisons are difficult as assigning a financial benefit to traveler information is not a simple task.

The focus of this project is to research approaches towards quantifying and/or describing the benefits of traveler information provided by state DOTs.

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