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Project 16.3
Winter Performance Measures

North/West Passage completed a project (Project 10.5: Winter Performance Management Practices) in August 2016 that documented North/West Passage member states' winter performance management practices and then identified commonalities and similarities.

NCHRP 14-34 Research Report 889: Performance Measures in Snow and Ice Control Operations, published in 2019, provided recommendations for performance measures for snow and ice control. The report also provided a guide for performance measures for snow and ice control.

In addition, New Hampshire DOT successfully submitted a snow and ice control performance measures proposal to NCHRP 20-44: Implementation Support Program for funding assistance.

The North/West Passage members were interested Passage members were interested in continuing to share winter performance measure practices throughout the corridor and focused the goals of this project to:

  • Establish a North/West Passage Winter Performance Measures Project Team
  • Share findings of NCHRP 14-34: Performance Measures in Snow and Ice Control Operations
  • Review North/West Passage Project 10.5: Winter Performance Management Practices
  • Discuss current performance measures, gaps and desired changes, and challenges with consistent corridor performance measures
  • Share current practices on the most common performance measures
  • Identify action items or next steps for the North/West Passage to consider pursing

To accomplish the project goals, a series of webinars were conducted with the project team.

Project Deliverable

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