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Project 15.3
Situational Data Exchange – Phase 2

Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) are poised to transform our streets, communities, and personal lives. As part of this transformation, the USDOT supported the advancement of connected vehicle technology with a pilot deployment program. In 2015, WYDOT, along with Tampa and New York City, were chosen to deploy a real-world pilot project for CV technology. A large portion of this pilot program was dedicated to WYDOT and the I-80 corridor. Trihydro was the technical and application development lead for the WYDOT CV pilot project and worked to develop and deploy various applications to create and deliver Traveler Information Messages (TIMs) depicting events ranging from road conditions, to parking availability, and variable speed limits.

As the world of Connected Vehicle development has evolved so have the CAV message types. The WYDOT CV Pilot project focused on the TIM message type to relay situational information. Since then, new standards are emerging and it is important for DOTs to be aware of which message types they should be supporting and what data needs to be collected in order to form the different CAV message sets. As of September 2021, different CAV message types include the TIM, Roadside Safety Message (RSM) currently in final draft from SAE, and WZDx version 3.1 (version 4.0 set to release in the next few months).

The purpose of this North/West Passage project was to:

  • Provide a Gap Analysis of the different CAV message sets and a high-level overview of the data set needed in order for a DOT to support the generation of all these CAV message types.
  • Document scenarios in which the Situational Data Exchange will work well for message distribution vs scenarios where message delivery is more time critical.
  • Provide a level of effort on integrating the Situational Data Exchange with a cloud hosted SCMS system that would allow the SDX to sign and manage CV messages within the SDX system.

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