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Project 14.5
DOT Traveler Information Website Features and Usage

Each North/West Passage (NWP) state operates and maintains a traveler information website although the features and usage vary among them. NWP member states were interested in identifying what traveler information website features were offered and most used as they plan for changes to their own websites.

This project examined the similarities, differences, and usage of state Department of Transportation (DOT) traveler information website features.

The report is based on review of thirteen traveler information websites that included the NWP states, another corridor effort (I-80 Coalition which includes the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Nebraska), and other NWP neighboring states (Iowa and Wisconsin). From this review, nine states were selected for phone interviews to gather additional details on features and usage of their websites. The report is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather highlight several traveler information website features and usage as examples.

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