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Project 14.2
Situational Data Exchange – Phase 1

The Wyoming DOT was one of three agencies awarded cooperative agreements from the USDOT to implement a suite of connected vehicle (CV) applications and technologies to meet their region's unique transportation needs.

The architecture of the Wyoming CV Pilot deployment included development and integration with a USDOT situational data warehouse (SDW). Data housed in the SDW includes connected and autonomous vehicle messages for weather and road conditions, incident information, work zone data, and parking information.

This situational data warehouse was taken over in 2019 by Trihydro and later renamed to the Situation Data Exchange (SDX) and further expanded so it could support other NWP states, allowing them to post their data to this system and to access Wyoming's data, effectively expanding to a connected vehicle data source for the NWP corridor. The SDX can support a lot of functions, including fleet operators downloading data and infrastructure to vehicle communications.

This project allowed the NWP members to understand the potential of using and expanding this SDX, while also understanding the ongoing cost implications (both for operations of the exchange and connections to the SDX).

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