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Project 13.3
NWP Corridor Safety and Mobility Assessment

North/West Passage Project 10.6: Multistate Assessment of Interstate Speed Limit Impacts reviewed the North/West Passage states that had increased their speed limits, but because it did not include data from all member states and only a couple years of data were available since the speed limit changes, results were limited.

This project would include additional review of crashes along the corridor and analysis of possible safety issues and contributing factors (e.g. location of where crashes occur, vertical alignment issues, seasonal factors, state to state variations) based on the data available. The data anticipated to be available from member states is expected to include highway network information, location of speed limits, crash data (summaries and possibly individual records). The National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS) data may also help understand which locations along the corridor are more prone to mobility issues (e.g. recurring or non-recurring delays).

The analysis of the safety aspects of the corridor would be used to support North/West Passage project selection and prioritization in the coming years and allow member agencies to focus activities where safety needs are the greatest. The analysis of safety impacts related to speed limits would support North/West Passage member agencies as they consider speed limit adjustments within their respective states.

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