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Project 12.3
NWP Corridor Large Scale ITS Deployment Development

During the 2017 North/West Passage Annual Meeting, members expressed interest in deploying technologies throughout the corridor to accomplish the goals of the members by continuing to exchange data and enhancing traveler information collection and dissemination through various approaches.

The intent of this project was to enable members to follow a process to determine the most appropriate deployment by prioritizing both the technologies to be deployed and the location. The overall concept followed a process to prioritize both the technologies to be deployed, the location, and finally the funding proposal.

Through various discussions among the members a project idea was developed and a funding source (ATCMTD) identified. The project focused on enhancing each state's 511 system to provide work zone alerts to travelers. The details of the project were drafted into an outline to submit for consideration to the ATCMTD grant process. However, after considerable discussion and review it was agreed that initial planning work through a feasibility study or brief concept of operations document is needed in order for states to understand details of what changes are desired to existing 511 systems as well as the match funding requirements for each state prior to submitting a grant proposal. It was suggested after this initial work is completed, to submit the project idea for consideration in a future round of ATCMTD grants. Project 13.4 will continue the work started in Project 12.3.

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