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Project 11.4
Day One Activities to Prepare for Connected and Automated Vehicles

Connected Vehicle (CV) applications and partially or fully Autonomous Vehicles (AV) applications are being developed by a number of public and private sector entities. While the timeline for full deployment is debatable, it is becoming increasingly clear that connected and autonomous vehicles will play a role in transportation in both urban and rural environments in the coming years. It is challenging to understand what activities a state or local departments of transportation (DOT) can begin to perform at the current time to prepare for future CV and AV deployments.

However, anticipating an increase in CV and AV deployments in the future, North/West Passage states have asked what they can do to begin to understand and prepare for connected and automated vehicles sharing their roadways.

The focus of project was to provide North/West Passage members with direction to better use the vast amount of resources that have been developed regarding CV and AV technologies and preparation guidance.

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