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Project 10.4
Freight Task Force – Year 2

Year 2 activities of the Freight Task Force were pursued to continue the momentum of the Year 1 work. Specifically the activities were designed to support the active engagement of Freight Task Force members, conduct best practice (and practical) research on project funding opportunities, help refine the truck parking concept so that it best fits NWP needs, and conduct exploratory research on truck platooning for the NWP corridor. Each of these activities is aimed at getting the coalition closer to implementation of those projects that are most important to the seven NWP member states.

The work products of the Year 2 activities included:

Meeting Handouts

Month Topic Presenters
July 2016 Introduction to Freight Task Force Web Series, Topic Solicitation (PDF, 232K) Bob Koeberlein, ITD
Erika Witzke, CPCS
August 2016 FAST Act Freight Provisions Overview (PDF, 1863K) Jeff Purdy, FHWA
Chip Millard, FHWA
September 2016 Freight Data (PDF, 4261K) Donald Ludlow, CPCS
Dan Murray, ATRI
October 2016 Truck Parking (PDF, 3036K) Davonna Moore, KSDOT
John Tompkins, MnDOT
Dan Murray, ATRI
November 2016 Connected Trucks (I-80 Pilot) (PDF, 1205K) Tony English, TriHydro
January 2017 Toward Zero Deaths (PDF, 3167K) Kristine Hernandez, MnDOT
John Milton, WSDOT
February 2017 Truck Platooning 101 (PDF, 1525K) Steve Boyd, Peloton Technologies
Geoff Johnson, Peloton Technologies
March 2017 State Freight Plan Best Practices (PDF, 1381K) Ernie Perry, University of Wisconsin CFIRE
May 2017 NWP Annual Meeting (select invitations) (PDF, 1558K) Erika Witzke, CPCS
Jeff Marker, ITD
Beverly Kuhn, TTI
July 2017 Truck Platooning Roundtable (select invitations) (PDF, 1079K) Erika Witzke, CPCS
Alex Marach, CPCS
July 2017 Summary of Freight Task Force Year 2 Activities (PDF, 841K) Erika Witzke, CPCS
Alex Marach, CPCS

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